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Nicholas Stachurski - Director

Stemming from a producing background, Nick is a very self-motivated Director, with a passion for diving deep into story structure. His focus is discovering the raw elements of personal stories and finding ways to pull those emotions from story, to screen, to viewer. Often these stories deal with subjects of identity, family, personal growth and healing.  His ability to find positive aspects in every person and situation is transparent in his style. He always finds a way to connect with any actor or real person, even in complex situations. Every story Nick touches brings honest human emotions to light in a cinematic presentation. When done properly, these stories provide an emotional journey that can help people through their own struggles. Fun Fact: Nick also turns into a little kid around any dog he meets.



Slamdance Film Festival 2022

Re define Mag - Slamdance Article 

One Point Four Awards - GOLD Winner for Best Personal Project

"Best Short Portrait" - DocLA Festival 2021

London Director Awards Official Selection 

Berlin Short Film Award 

Best Indie Film Award

NYC Dumbo Film Festival  

Detroit Freep Film Festival 

Young Director Award (YDA) Shortlist

One Point Four Awards - Speed

One Point Four Awards - 'Til We See The Sky

Boooooooom | Speed

AdWeek - 'Til We See The Sky - 'Til We See The Sky

Library Street Collective | Our Valence

Something DIfferent Magazine  | Our Valence

Eightfold - Founder

Eightfold is a collective of filmmakers and artists, co-creating to capture and captivate the human element with every piece of work.  our collaborative workflow allows us to bring life to concepts of diverse budgets, styles, and timelines. our modern production process and culture of togetherness allows us to explore ideas greater than those we could take on as separate parts.

Nick grew up outside of Ann Arbor, MI, spending many of his childhood and teenage days snowboarding and engulfing himself in the snowboard community and culture there. Nick was drawn to start filming his friends while snowboarding – and, captivated by the culture as filmmakers often are, Nick felt the pull to capture life as it was in its purest form. Because of this, Nick found filmmaking. Throughout high school, Nick started to film more than just his life on the hill, and eventually, he went off to Michigan State to study Business Marketing and Film.


During Nick’s sophomore year of college, he produced a couple local commercials, and then departed to live in Thailand for five months. While he was abroad, his local commercial work gained traction, and by the time he returned home, he had enough connections and momentum with local businesses looking for production work to start Eightfold out of an entrepreneurial incubator at Michigan State. By Nick’s senior year, he’d built Eightfold into an operating business with their own office space in Lansing, MI.


The first year after Nick graduated, Eightfold won their first large bid with Leo Burnett. From that project, they brought their business to Detroit. Nick saw a vision in which Eightfold would support the art community in the city by fostering a community that brings people together to create. Nick viewed this community as being crucial to his vision because he understands that directing can be an exclusive experience at times, but by having a studio, Nick and his team were able to open their doors up to allow other filmmakers and artists to come together for a purpose greater than themselves–the same driving life force that drew Nick to filmmaking from the beginning. Community catalyzes art–it pushes things forward, it is the birthplace, the beginning and the end. That is the root of Nick’s commitment to Eightfold’s studio space.


At the core of all Nick has done with his business, studio and film, his true passion is directing. He is a storyteller at heart, and he’s driven by the purpose of telling stories that divulge humanity with a glimmer of hope. Whether he’s directing a narrative story  or commercial piece, he finds the little places where the light gets in, and captures and nurtures that light into glowing inspiration. He hopes to inspire with his work, because he firmly believes that positivity and passion push community forward.


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