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Growing up, you are faced with many pathways, but you can never   accurately predict what road you will end up on. Speed Miller, Detroit native, ended up on a different path than most-- in fact, he ended up on a horse. Brought up at Detroit’s city limits , Speed spent most of his time just outside town, tending to his grandads small horse farm. From a young age, Speed was faced with difficult choices, 

a product of hard times and a rough upbringing. Some of these choices led Speed down a tumultuous path,eventually resulting in several arrests and jail time.But as with any good redemption story, Speed found his purpose back where he started - at his grandad’s horse farm. Although constantly tempted by Detroit’s dark side, Speed reminds himself that the horses depend on him. 

Vimeo Staff Pick

Shortlisted for the Young Directors Award (YDA) 

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