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Our Valence

About the project

Our Valance is an abstract short film in collaboration with Brooklyn- based artist, Kennedy Yanko, with floral decorations by Lutfi Janania and performance by Zachary Tye Richardson. I was brought on to bring their pre-development installation to life through video. “At the center of Our Valence is a lush crown-like shrine of dried flowers and ferns. A sharp chartreuse painted backdrop extends behind the sculpture and wraps across the wall and floor,  unifying the installation by pulling the viewer's eye to a second wall-mounted shrine across the room – a dry,

 prickly frame that lies in stark contrast to its lush counterpart. Richardson animates the space through performance, a recording of which is projected onto the walls of the gallery. Their movements vibrate with the energy of the surroundings, activating the metal base, the paint skin, and botanicals, embodying what cannot be seen by the naked eye: "the breath of life." Towards the front of the installation sits a shallow, clear pool of water, which acts as a collision between the dry and the lush shrines, and offers a visual moment of pause.” - from

Client: Library Street Collective

Kenedy Yanko


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