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About the project

A few years back I took on the journey of writing my first narrative short. It was something that was close to my heart. I wrote from previous experiences of my dad passing from cancer and my older sister raising me.  Sloane, older sister and nature lover, often misunderstood for her actions while trying her best to nurture and provide for her family in a modern society with archaic societal views.   This is a world where one girl risks everything for a solitary hour of relief. A place where nothing is easy. Our quiet heroine embodies the forgotten innocence that is often molded of tragedy. The brief alleviation our protagonist seeks is not for her - as the audience quickly presumes. 

Short film

With what is on her plate, her mind cannot be muddled, and her girlish strength dare not be compromised. She can’t hesitate as she holds her family up with her dainty arms. There are two sides to every story. This film asks the viewer to remember that as it brings a systematic hypocrisy to the forefront of our minds. Because, on this particular day, in this particular girl, we see two people. Although, in truth, she was never more than one. As the lens widens the dichotomy of her apparent actions and her true intent unfurl. We see in her what we couldn’t before. This film urges us to think critically about how society cares for one another through the painful and all too common framework of countless people’s lives.

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