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'Til We See

The Sky

About the project

Detroit’s history has changed vastly over the past century. It has faced countless moments of social, political, and economic hardships and injustice, but a sense of optimism and pride for the city remains in the hearts of many of those who live here. Our goal with this film was to create a conversation around the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on Detroiters and Black Americans, and the spirit that held on, even as the worst pandemic in modern history ravaged its neighborhoods. 

‘Til We See the Sky documents the lived experiences of real people in our neighborhoods, and provides a

glimmer of hope, inspiring a sense of togetherness and faith in coming to a reality through the pandemic and growing social movement that is more conscious and just than the one we left behind. We wanted this film to create positive and productive conversations around the protests that are happening across the world, and to help uplift a movement that will make a permanent change-, must, make a change - because Black Lives Matter.This piece and message wouldn’t have been possible without the meaningful leadership and support from Detroit Producer Bre’ann White, and Writer Mic Phelps. Thank you for guiding us in documenting this story.

Short Film 

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