There are two sides to every story.  Sloane, older sister and nature lover, often misunderstood for her actions while trying her best to nurture and provide for her family in a modern society with archaic societal views

Justin's Story

Everyone’s “first steps” are not the same. For Justin, his first steps were a life changing moment

Competitive cyclist who falls victim to life altering accident on his way to the track, and the journey to get himself back on track.

Our Valence

A performance-driven installation comprised of exotic florals, organic material, found metal and paint skins, and narrative bodily movement.

Devon Still

Former NFL player puts his career on hiatus to care for his daughter Leah as she battled cancer. Leah fought for a full recovery and now reflects on her favorite moments with dad. 


Living check to check and paying student loans musical artist Charity preaches her concerns with the millennial generation

Jax Anderson 

Tormented by her demons, musical Artist Jax Anderson's song "Running" tries to evade them. 


In the midst of a broken city musical artist Sam Austins runs the streets with his lover as they build their own fort in the ruins. 

The Driver

The street lights shine like stars over the Atlantic for this Detroit based Chauffeur driver